Astro Turf & Tiger Turf

If you are considering synthetic turf to improve the look of your landscape and save on maintenance costs, Astro Turf or Tiger Turf may be options to suit your needs and budget.


Astro Turf is the original and most iconic brand of synthetic grass. It is so iconic it has become the generic description of all kinds of artificial turf! Astro Turf was first developed in the 1960s for use in playgrounds, but it quickly became the world’s most popular low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

There are many advantages to using Astro Turf:

  • INSTANT RESULTS: no need to wait weeks for grass to grow!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: no need to mow, water, landscape or control pests!
  • SAFETY: Astro Turf is shock absorbent and reduces allergy concerns!
  • WEATHER: Astro Turf fields can be played on year-round, regardless of the weather!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Astro Turf lets you save water and is made from recycled products!


Tiger Turf is a brand of artificial grass known for its year-round aesthetically pleasing surface that always keeps its quality, even after years of demanding use. It is ideal for:

  • CLUB SPORT: football, rugby, tennis, cricket and more!
  • EDUCATION: from nurseries to high schools!
  • LANDSCAPE: both commercial and domestic!
  • LEISURE: for the home, exhibitions or events; wherever a green surface is needed!

Tiger Turf grass is designed to deliver traction and shock absorption like the very best natural grass in any and all weather conditions! Thanks to an advanced UV coating, each blade of Tiger Turf grass retains its color for the life of the system and never fades. This coating is effective in all climates and is completely unaffected by use.

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