Deluxe Gold Instant Turf

Make the very best impression and enjoy low maintenance and reduced water bills with our extensive range of plush instant turf.

Our quality instant turf is available in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart, as well as all throughout Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia.

Instant Turf Australia
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  • Supply Only: $42/m2 Plus GST
  • Supply and Lay: $62/m2 Plus GST

3.7m Wide, Minimum Order of 5 Meters


Product Uses & Description

Our instant turf is ideal for lawns, putting greens, pool areas and other projects. A 45mm long blade grass utilising a two tone monofilament yarn, featuring a nylon thatch for added comfort under foot. Minimal sand infill.

Product Specifications


  • Total Product Weight: 2323 g/m2
  • Guarantee: 7 Years
  • Type: Heavy metal free Polyethylene and texturised Nylon, UV resistant
  • Dtex: 5,775 and 4,620
  • Colours Available: Two tone

Installation & Maintenance

  • Seams to be secured with approved tape and adhesive. Lazy Lawns Deluxe should be installed in accordance with the product's installation guide.
  • Lazy Lawns artificial lawns require maintenance in accordance with the products maintenance guide. Details are available on request.

Tuft Characteristics

  • Pile Weight: 1,560 g/sqm
  • Pile Height: 45 mm
  • Total Pile Length: 97 mm
  • Stitch Rate: 140 per metre
  • Stitches: 14,700 /sqm
  • Tufts: 29,400 /sqm
  • Machine Gauge: 3/8

Particulate Infill

  • Sand Type: Siliceous 80% round
  • Rubber Type: N/A
  • Sand Size/Range: 0.2mm 1.00mm
  • Rubber Size/Range: N/A
  • Sand Infill Weight: Approx. 10kg/m2
  • Rubber Infill Weight: N/A
  • Total Infill Height: Approx. 10mm

Backing Characteristics

  • Primary Backing 1 Two layer composite of UV resistant woven materials
  • Primary Backing 2
  • Secondary backing Low filler polyurethane

Manufactured Rolls

  • Width 4.57m (4.52m useable)
  • Shipping Weight (LM) 10.6kg

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